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About Bokmerk luxury back panels

Luxury back panels for kitchens and bathrooms

Bokmerk was founded in  2010 by Marcel Bok. His background in steel and aluminium coatings gave him the idea of expanding the traditional industrial applications into opportunities for private individuals. The durable aluminium, provided it has a protective coating, is exceptionally suitable for use in damp environments, in kitchens and bathrooms for instance. In addition the coating can be applied in any colour imaginable. A Bokmerk back panel will therefore match any interior. Bokmerk now works together with more than 300 kitchen studios in the Netherlands.

‘Bokmerk back panels are durable, maintenance-free and available in any colour!’

The only supplier of Teflon back panels in the world

Bokmerk is the only supplier in the world of luxury Teflon back panels that have been specially developed for kitchens and bathrooms. The back panels already have unique user-friendly properties thanks to an innovative production process. An ingenious coating - in any colour desired - ensures that the back panels are not only low maintenance but also shock and scratch-resistant so that your kitchen or bathroom retains the perfect ambience..

Bokmerk back panels provide every room with added flair

The Bokmerk Teflon back panels are also very suitable for shower cubicles, lavatories, worktops and shelves. Bokmerk back panels give added flair to any area where water plays a role. It is even possible to use the back panels as façade cladding.

Electric wall sockets and corners are neatly finished off

Corners or electric wall sockets are not a problem: the Bokmerk back panel is always made perfectly to size.

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