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Bokmerk method of work, economical kitchen renovation

Hyper modern cutting technique for accurate custom work

Are you looking for a way to modernise your kitchen? Then come to Bokmerk for your kitchen renovations. In fact the splendid Bokmerk kitchen back panels give your kitchen a fantastic new look immediately. Bokmerk back panels and Bokmerk panels up to 4 m long and 150 cm high are made from one single piece. The basis is an unbreakable aluminium sheet only 3 mm thick. The recesses needed are made beforehand with hyper modern measuring and cutting techniques accurate to the micrometre.

‘The most economical kitchen renovation; a magnificent Bokmerk back panel!’

Kitchen renovation with Bokmerk back panels

No seams, grouting, cracks or sealing edges

The back panel or panel can be installed over the existing tiling and fits straight-away. No seams, no grouting, no gaps and no sealing edges. Only the pleasure and ease you get from a stylish 'new' kitchen or bathroom at a much lower price than a kitchen renovation or a new-build kitchen or bathroom.

Electric wall sockets and corners are neatly finished off

Corners or electric wall sockets are not a problem: the Bokmerk back panel is always perfectly made to size.

Enjoy your ‘kitchen renovation’ within four weeks

You can request a quotation from Bokmerk by sending your contact details and rough dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom panels. We will then contact you for an informal meeting during which you can see all the colour swatches. Your kitchen will be measured and drawn during the meeting. When the quotation has been approved, Bokmerk will make the back panel and an appointment will be made to install it within two weeks. It will not be long before you are able to enjoy your kitchen renovation.

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