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Do I have to remove the existing tiles if I want to install a Bokmerk back panel?

A Bokmerk back panel can be installed without removing the tiles or replastering the wall. This saves a lot of time and money

Is the material waterproof?

A Bokmerk back panel is waterproof, scratch and impact-resistant, heat-resistant and fingerprint-proof.

What is scratch and impact-resistant?

A Bokmerk back panel can take a bump, but hitting it with a hammer or scratching it with a sharp object is not advisable.

Is my Bokmerk back panel antibacterial?

The Bokmerk back panels can be made with a special coating that kills salmonella bacteria.

What about heat-resistance?

The Bokmerk back panel can withstand high temperatures (150 degrees). If you are putting your Bokmerk back panel in the kitchen, you must ensure that flames cannot reach the panels.

What is the best way to clean a Bokmerk back panel?

The best way to clean a Bokmerk back panel is to use a soft cloth and all-purpose cleaner or soap. There will be no smears when it dries.

What should the base surface be like?

The structure of the base may be rough. A wood, concrete or stone base surface is not a problem when installing a Bokmerk back panel.

I have a corner kitchen, is that a problem?

A Bokmerk kitchen back panel can be easily installed in a corner kitchen. It is however important that the corners are fairly straight.

I have several wall sockets, will I be still able to use them?

Holes are cut in a Bokmerk back panel beforehand so that the wall sockets can be mounted on the back panel and remain usable.

Is a Bokmerk back panel only suitable for use in a kitchen?

A Bokmerk back panel is extremely suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and hall. The latter is also called panelling.

What is the delivery time for a Bokmerk back panel?

A Bokmerk back panel will be delivered and installed within 3 weeks of the quotation being approved.

Is the back panel and its installation guaranteed?

Bokmerk gives a 10 year guarantee on installation and material, provided the instructions are complied with. Damages resulting from normal wear and tear and unskilled use are not covered by the guarantee.

How is a Bokmerk back panel attached?

A Bokmerk back panel is attached using heat-resistant polymer kit.

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