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Kitchen back panel

Exactly to size really means exactly to size

A Bokmerk back panel for your kitchen can be fitted without fuss in any interior.  In fact the kitchen back panel can be fitted over any existing wall. The aluminium back panel fits precisely over the 'old' tile or glass wall in your kitchen thanks to the exact dimensioning. Bokmerk uses techniques for installation that leave no trace of the previous backing. Exactly to size really means exactly to size at Bokmerk.

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‘Your kitchen will have a new look within four weeks with a luxury Bokmerk back panel’

The same look from all sides

Bokmerk takes the time to measure the back panel in your kitchen as the measuring is precise work. The back panels are then cut to size by a laser/plasma cutter to a tenth of a millimetre. Only then can the back panel for your kitchen be coated in the required colour. This means that even the edges get the same look.

Heat-resistant, damp-proof and scratch and impact-resistant

The luxury Bokmerk kitchen back panels are particularly heat-resistant; temperatures of up to 200 degrees Centigrade have no effect on the appearance. Rising damp has just as little chance of damaging the appearance and all Bokmerk's back panels are also scratch and impact-resistant. All this makes the chance of 'damage from use' minimal.

As a result your kitchen back panel will retain all its original properties, and that for a price that can withstand any comparison. An aluminium kitchen back panel measuring 2.50 m by 50 cm will cost you less than 475 Euros. See all the advantages...

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