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Bathroom walls

Bright and light or atmospherically dark, anything is possible...

The special properties of the Bokmerk aluminium bathroom panels offer the opportunity to have a bathroom wall in all the colours of the rainbow (and any colour in between). Whatever colour you choose; the nano-effect of the protective coating layer ensures that unpleasant calcium deposits stand no chance. The bathroom panels we supply stay just as beautiful and stylish as they are in the beginning.

‘No calcium deposits, no mould, easy to clean and above all the stylish bathroom of your dreams.’

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Bathroom view

No mould on the grouting

The bathroom panels are made from one single piece the same way as the kitchen back panels are made. The installation technique is also identical. It is not necessary to remove the existing bathroom walls. The Bokmerk bathroom panels are simply attached to the existing base as one entirety. No more grouting and therefore no more mould on the grouting. Cleaning the bathroom now will really be a piece of cake.

The dream bathroom you have always wanted

The possibilities are almost endless with Bokmerk luxury bathroom panels. A bathroom wall from a single piece in one colour? Several panels for various walls in different colours? We would even go so far as to say 'you name it, we've got it'. You can also count on excellent service from Bokmerk during the preparations, during installation and afterwards. Bokmerk will give you the dream bathroom you have always wanted, and that for a price that can withstand any comparison. An aluminium back panel measuring 2.50 m by 50 cm will cost you less than 500 Euros.

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